12 ways to decorate a mooncake box

The other day, my bloggy pal Cindy suggested that I put together a post with all the mooncake boxes I have altered thus far. So here it is....12 ways to decorate a mooncake box. :)

Fun colour combo an an upcycled mooncake box
An altered mooncake box tutorial

Black and white altered mooncake box

Another mooncake box...a tutorial

The gold decorated box...a tutorial

An upcycled mooncake box = thread box for mum

The truth about altering a box...a tutorial

Mixed media on a mooncake box cover

Upcycled boxes for Blue Fern Studios

Upcycled boxes for Blue Fern Studios

The decorated mooncake box

An upcycled cake box with Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos Colors

There you have it. 12 ways to decorate a mooncake box (or any sturdy box).

All projects are linked to their original posts..some of them are tutorials.


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Workspace Wednesday: a look at my Raskog cart


Meet my Raskog cart. 

She probably isn't Pinterest or Instagram-worthy but after months of trying to organize my art supplies on the Raskog cart, I am finally happy with it.

Now if you have one of these Raskog carts, you probably know that you can pack quite a lot of stuff in these but of course, accessibility becomes a problem if you keep stacking stuff.

I like my art supplies within easy reach (you know when you get into the zone, you don't want to have to get up and go look for stuff right? *winks*) so all my faves are stored on the top tray of my cart. 

The 3-tier stand holds my acrylic paint tubs, my acrylic inks and my bottles of mist. A glass jug and vase hold my paint brushes. I also added a basket to store the rest of my acrylic paints. Wet tissues and several mist bottles of distilled water fill up the rest of the top tray.

The second and third trays of the cart store supplies that are not frequently used.

Do you have a Raskog cart? What do you put on yours?


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An eye from the sketchbook


Hello friends! Just wanted to share an eye from my sketchbook today. :)


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This week's fun card from the scrap pile...


So I'm almost done with the revamping of my creative workspace...except for the art on the walls. But as usual, I got sidetracked when sorting out my scrap bits and just had to make a card. *winks*

My inspiration came from the lollipop chipboard that I've been hoarding for ages (I think it was from Crate Paper??). Well, my motto for 2018 is " Use it or lose it!" ...some tears might be involved. *lol* 

Hope this week's fun card from the scrap pile is sending a cheer your way....happy week ahead friends! :)


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One photo layout format: 15 ways

So apparently I have a default photo layout format when it comes to layouts. I like to put my photos side by side, tilted at different angles (sometimes) and then throw embellishments at them. Check out the 15 layouts I pulled from my archives....focus on the photos and you will notice my default format. *winks*

The one about the lemon curd tarts
How many paper scrap pieces did I use?

The Gangster Gang on Christmas Eve

Let's eat
Let's eat

Can you tell that I'm working through my patterned paper stash?

Let's make pancakes today

Someone had an ice-cream birthday cake

So we won tickets to see Kooza

Working off the cheese tart at the playground

Someone finally has a pair of Oakley
Everybody loves cheesecake

Back together again

The queue for chocolate chip cookies

The one about the four-layer cake

The need for self-preservation

There you have it - one photo layout format on 15 layouts.

Do you have a default photo layout format?


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This week's paper scraps on a card


Well, the quest to finish up the patterned paper scraps in my multi-slot folder continues in 2018. Let's just say that the pile hasn't exactly dwindled by a lot despite my valiant attempts to use up those paper scraps. *lol*

Here is this week's paper scraps on a card. I'm working on my birthday card stash....flattish cards that are postal-friendly. :)

I even took the Glossy Accents out to play.  *winks*


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How to tell your story with your photos and embellishments


Well friends, you know how I like to tell my story through my photos and embellishments, without copious amounts of journaling. And this layout is a perfect example. :)

First, a little backstory...

It was a few days before Christmas and my sister was fretting over the need to get Christmas gifts for 30 or so colleagues. She didn't want to spend a ton on gifts obviously and the things that were within her budget were a little lame. *winks* I suggested baking some cookies and giving them a thoughtful package of cookies and tea. 

Of course, this was the Thursday before Christmas *insert dramatic music* and so all the baking and packing had to be done that very night so that she could distribute them the next day. 

Then there were some know, real life drama. *lol*

1. I have the tiniest oven ever *seriously*so we can only bake a tray of 12 cookies at one time. 
2. One cookie and a tea bag seemed really miserable so we were looking at least 2 cookies per person.
3. Did I have enough tea bags? [We used up all my travel stash!]
4. How should we package them? [We used Ziplog sandwich bags which were decorated with Christmas stickers from my SRM Stickers stash.]
5.Can we get it done before my bedtime? [I need to be sleeping by 10pm because collagen production is between 10pm to 2 am...*winks*]

Evidently, we made it...since I even had time to take photos..hehehe.

While the photos do tell a bit of the story, I did have to add some fun stuff because you know I love to incorporate some form of humour, right?

Here is the closeup photo of our production line....

I did the baking, mum did the oven watching and my sister did the packaging. Yam family power! :)

I added the festive vibe by using Christmas patterned papers, washi tape and bling.

So, tell me, isn't this a fun way to tell a story? 

P/s: Happy week ahead friends!


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